About Ek Saarthi Foundation

Ek Saarthi is an NGO which is on a mission to empower healthcare among children, young and old people so that they can lead a healthy life and learn to use their skills and financial resources to achieve their dreams.

Our Vision

Our Role is to provide any kind of healthcare treatment, financial help to the poor and needy people be it for education, family support, food and shelter, etc.

Our Mission

Ek Saarthi aims at providing healthcare facilities to the unprivileged and needy people. Apart from healthcare, we also provide financial aid to the people below the poverty line.

Our Values

1. Inclusive

We are committed to building strong partnerships with those who share our vision, based on mutual respect, trust, and solidarity, and putting the leadership of those most affected by injustice at the center of our efforts.

2. Impartiality

We carry out our activities based on needs, with no distinction made between or among the impacted communities.

3. Accountable

We pledge to be open to accepting and giving input,
to make decisions in a transparent and powersharing manner, and to communicate honestly.

How to Support us